7. Planes, Trains and Elemental Conveyances

As the sky darkened and a torrential rain began to fall, shouts rang out around the Gatherhold that the refuge was under attack. Zombified half-giants, the remnant of Gareth’s Goliaths, streamed in to attack the party and bystanders alike. Above the fray, riding a giant undead bat, the Necrorider oversaw the chaos.

The party, with the help of dwarven Rolf Deepsmiter and his traveling companion Pali, eventually triumphed over the undead and drove the Necrorider away. By interrogating a grateful Pelucidus, the party learned that the goblins had used the commotion as a cover for their escape and that they planned to use the nearby decommissioned lightning rail station to find a quick path into the Mourning.



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