6. Just Critic

The reunited party arrived at the Gatherhold to find it abuzz with activity, as the halflings of House Ghallanda made preparations for a festival in the town square. The chief Steward, Pelucidus d’Ghallandar, welcomed them and introduced them to Master Door, a warforged actor and head of The Door Men, a troupe of traveling gnomish performers. The party also met Kratta, the kolboldian publisher of the Gatherhold Gazetteer and affirmed cultural enemy of Master Door.

The party attended the festival that night only to discover that the company of goblins that Stielo warned them about where also staying at the Gatherhold, posing as “merchants”. Their leader introduced himself as Grand Marshal Ru’shaak and his force consisted of goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears.

Pelucidus announced that there would be a mock combat performance to celebrate the Remembrance, a commemoration of the ancient Dhakkani goblin empire repelling an invasion from the Plane of Madness, but all was not well. Gareth’s Goliaths, another traveling band of performers, had not arrived to take their place opposite the Door Men. Master Door suggested that the party take the goliaths’ place and that the goblins join the ceremony as well. Before the game began, Kratta approached the players and told them that if they sabotaged the event and disgraced Door, he could provide them with travel documents to Karrnath.

Both sets of contestants took the field and the mock combat resolved into a symbolic ball game, where the party, changed by illusionary magic into the twisted denizens of Xoriat, faced off against the gobilns, who were playing the role of their ancient ancestors.

Eventually, the party was victorious and Ru’shaak and his goblins left the field in disgust. Door congratulated the party on their victory and it was revealed that he possessed a severed warforged finger similar to the one they found previously. When pressed, Door revealed that the finger belonged to Song, Door’s lover and that they had exchanged fingers as a sign of commitment.

The party began to hatch schemes on how to gather intelligence on the goblins when the sky began to grow strangely dark and a familiar and chilling moan could be heard distantly on the wind.



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