5. Eat Desert First

The bats and their ghastly leader (whom Grayvus dubbed “the Necrorider”) were defeated, but the damage sustained by the ship was too great, forcing a crash-landing in the canyons below. The party was chiefly unscathed as was Blackleaf, but Captain Demurrage was found dead in his cabin under mysterious circumstances. Before the party could regain their bearings, Stielo announced that he was leaving and that Stazo was coming with him, producing Stazo’s wife’s apron to punctuate the threat. Powerless to resist, Stazo joined Stielo and the Halfling as they set out east across the Talenta Plains. Spurred on by menacing (and familiar) groans coming from the recesses of the canyon, the party quickly set out after Stazo (accompanied by Blackleaf), but lost the trail soon after leaving the canyon.

With few options before them, they decided to continue on their journey north, making for the hopeful safety of Fort Griffonclaw. But, upon arriving there, they found the fort overrun with vicious lightning-spewing lizards and were forced to flee. Short on supplies and facing exhaustion, the party made camp for the night but was quickly attacked by a band of djinn, lead by a shadowy figure who possessed the appearance and skills of Nymm. The outlook of the battle seemed grim until the party was joined by a female ranger, who added her two longswords to the party’s strength. After driving off the invaders, she introduced herself as Belonna and explained that she had been monitoring undead activity in Talenta when she discovered the party’s tracks. She warned that attacks from undead and creatures from the Mournland were on the rise and explained that she was tasked to study their patterns and eliminate threats where she found them. As she mounted her steed Bramble and prepared to depart, Nymm asked Calzara if he would release him from the terms of his employment and mounted his own horse to follow Belonna into the night.



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