That Online Role-Playing People were Talking About

A couple weeks ago some people were talking about doing some of the story and roleplaying online, because there is often little time to get involved much during the actual game sessions because of the battles. I, Paul thought of it again after that side mission that Bill and Aaron had.

With two games in parallel and two week breaks, it can be easy to forget important details, NPC names, PC names, etc. I would really find this useful and this wouldn’t take too much time out of our week. Anyway, we could try this out and see where it goes if anyone is interested.

I, Paul, haven’t spoken to Bill yet about doing this for Pirates, but he should get this e-mail notification. The next pirates is in two days, unless I’m mistaken. I don’t know if this would give the DM has enough time (if he would be interested in this) or if everyone has time to be involved, but it might get everyone on track and ready for the next game.

I, Robot, did speak to Aaron Coker in an e-mail, in which he said that he might be willing to try this if people were interested. Thoughts?

Dr. Puma: Reading through this I see once again that I am a terrible salesperson. “Maybe, possibly, if you guys are all interested and have time, then perhaps we could consider the notion of attempting to try this out. It might be somewhat useful, kinda. Or not.” Don’t listen to me, this will be awesome!

That Online Role-Playing People were Talking About

Eberron Osmium44