A cloaked figure curiously wrapped in long strips of cloth covering any visible area so that any distinguishing feature is hidden and his race and appearance is hidden. Not breathing, eating, or even sleeping he seems to be a warforged and when asked confirms as such, however certain aspects of his behavior suggests otherwise…

Hailing from a small village of western Aundair Grayvus has travelled far to seek answers to events hidden in his past. Reaching the port of Shae Thoridor he found the Aerenal continent too large to wander aimlessly. While meandering through the streets of the port city he finds employment with Columbian Soarwood as a crane of sorts.

Trading his talents for room, information, and a small wage he utilizes his enormous patience waiting to gather enough information to continue on his quest.Over the months of working for the Soarwood company he develops a friendship of sorts with the owner, Petendithas Columbarium, and his daughter, Calzara Columbarium to whom he reveals his true nature too in hopes of their help. However this becomes for naught when tragedy strikes his new found friends.

Deciding that their knowledge of who and what he is led to this tragedy he sidetracks his own quest to track down who was behind this grievous action…

Flying aboard the airship “The Jade Scorpion” has allowed for me to allocate some time to reflect on the journey we have embarked upon and the companions that I have been traveling with.

Calzara is as she was before her death and reanimation, always in pursuit of something and doing so with her full attention. A theme I have noticed in her and subsequent beings is their fascination with the end of their lives and their fear of it. I’ll have too study this phenomena more closely.

The merchant man, Stazo Nazarud whom I escorted to Shae Mordai has proven to be an excellent traveling companion during and after that fateful trip. He has a silver piece for tongue as I believe the saying goes and while observably inexperienced in combat he is far more capable then I had previously thought. this may prove useful with the amount of trouble we seem to be drawing. additionally he seems to know when NOT to ask questions, unlike his companion.

Nivi Sparkartist, in contrast, seems to know what questions would be the most… revealing… Perhaps it is this trait that has seemed to draw trouble to her. I’ll have to observe the reactions of others besides myself to her questions to determine more. Additionally she seems to have a sort of inexhaustible curiosity I have not previously observed in beings I have met, though I have only seen a few gnomes so perhaps it is a shared trait among them.

Nymm thankfully is by far the most discrete among the group. With no discernible curiosity except when it comes to hunting or fighting he is a good companion to have when you have a reason to not answer personal questions.

Lastly for posterity I must include Dimurti though to be honest we seemed to have collected him for no mentally apparent reason. Boarding our carriage in Shae Mordai to help our party navigate traffic he seemed to have joined our excursion because of a whim. He seems to be driven by these whims (or emotional decisions) they also seem to drive him towards causing chaos that he seems to have a talent for. I will have to continue my observation of his actions to determine of the chaos he causes is evil, for so far it has not resulted in any known loss of life.

Perhaps revealing my truth of self to the party as a whole was a faulty idea. I has supposed that by doing so it would invoke trust among those whom I have associated myself with and perhaps quell the curiosity of the smallest among us. Instead in has increased Nivi’s curiosity and has given tension to the group, except for Nymm whose reactions to conversations and new information is always “laid down.”

It has been several days since I last had enough time to reflect and ponder what has happened. We are now traveling with a band of merchants on their way to Gatherhold. Unfortunately we have lost many members to our own band of traveling companions and have gathered a few enemies.

We were attacked by a group of undead bats lead by a Necromancer who seemed undead himself. Thankfully we were able to drive them off with me personally able to teleport the Necromancer over the side of the ship. Alas this combined with a previous attack by a group of Warforged aboard a pair of breaching crafts proved to be too destructive for The Jade Scorpion and we crashed uncomfortably close to the Mournlands.

Stielo whom we had unknowingly traveled with then coerced Stazo to leave us. We then traveled in pursuit, though we had very little to follow.

We then lost Nymm to his own pursuit of a female that had helped us repeal an attack by a group of assailants during the previous night.

We must regroup and regain our strength otherwise I fear we will not be able to achieve our objective.

reaction to the return of Necrorider
expansion on exploration of the train previous to passing out
reaction to being/meeting Mir and the end of Necrom/Necrorider


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