3. Resigned to Freight

The party drove off the attacking gnomes, but learned nothing of their intentions. Responding to the disturbance, Aereni Deathguards arrested the party, bringing them to the Hall of Justice where they were thrown into a overpacked cell, reuniting them with Jak. The minotaur (who was familiar with the ins-and-outs of the criminal justice system) doubted that they’d see release soon. However, Cortege, the elven councilor the party saved in the fight with the Emerald Claw, arranged their escape (with the help of Traek Cenotaph, Calzara’s bad egg cousin) and they were soon on their way out of town and back to Calzara’s home for a rendezvous with an airship headed for the mainland of Khorvaire.

Calzara’s father, reluctant to see his daughter go, impressed on Stazo (and by extension, the party) to defend her and help her complete her quest to find the reasons for her murder. Accompanied by Traek, the party boarded the Jade Scorpion, an unregistered airship piloted by smuggler Freid Demurrage and his engineer, Blackleaf. The journey began well, with the ship reaching the mainland uneventfully, but when the party neared the border between the deserts of Valenar and the mountains of the former Cyre, they were attacked by missile-like craft launched from somewhere below. The missiles breached the hull of the Scorpion and out of them poured a band of warforged bent on pillaging the ship. The party engaged the living constructs on the engineering deck of the ship, as the malfunctioning fire elemental that powered the vessel threatened to consume both enemy and ally together.

2. Horns and a Dilemma!

The undead were defeated, but the trouble had just begun. The party was detained at the site of the battle and ordered to submit to an investigation led by Jakalwe Terious, a minotaur inquisitive with eccentric habits and chemical dependencies. The investigation revealed that the necromancer leading the undead had been horribly mutilated to hide his identity, but Jak was able to conject that he was a member of the Order of the Emerald Claw, a deposed Karrnathian paramilitary and religious sect. The necromancer was carrying a vicious ceremonial dagger that would be ideal for removing someone’s heart…the way Calzara’s had been, weeks earlier.

Returning to Shae Mordai, the party found the normally sedate streets of the Aereni capital choked with dissident Aereni elves, protesting the actions and philosophy of the Undying Court. En route to their temporary lodgings at the Tombstone Inn, they met and took on Dimurti, an imposing druid who was more than willing to use his transformative abilities to clear a path through the protesters.

Once at the Tombstone, Calzara is taken by Belbao, Cortege’s creepier superior and replacement, to answer a summons from the Court. This time she is met only by Catafalque, the “youngest” member of the triumvirate. Catafalque apologizes for her treatment earlier and tells her that the Court fears her because of a fragment of the Draconic Prophecy that states that a “child that was taken” will be the downfall of Aerenal. He believes that the prophecy has been misinterpreted and answer can only be found by discovering who is behind her death.

Meanwhile at the Tombstone, the furtive Nivi was persuaded to meet with a Cyrian refugee who said he had news from her colleague in Zilargo, one Ceil Spyglass. But upon reaching the alley where the meeting was to take place, she was ambushed by a group of shadowy gnomes, looking to recover something from Nivi that she vociferously refused to remit.

1. Choose Unlife
Dead and about in Aerenal

It all started when Calzara died…

An elven girl is brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances and against all odds is raised as one of the Undying, the “good guy” zombie elves of the island nation of Aerenal.

Stazo Nazrud, now walking (if somewhat uncertainly) the straight-and-narrow, has arrived in Aerenal, his partner and companion Nivi Sparkartist in tow, hoping to secure a purchasing contract with Columbian Soarwood, the logging business run by Calzara’s father.

An employee at Columbian and a friend of the family, Grayvus, is a newcomer to Aerenal and may or not be a warforged, though the thick cloak and swaddling wrappings he wears constantly aren’t revealing much.

A young elf, lean and powerful and trailing the dust of the road behind him, arrives in Shae Mordai looking for whatever adventure and challenge the Spirits of the Past put in his way. His enemies and his friends (if he had any) know him as Nymm.

Five strangers meet in the Halls of the Undying Court where Petendithas, Calzara’s father is waiting for them, along with Cortege, a councilor to the Court and four representatives of the the major nations of Khorvaire. Calzara is ushered in to meet the undead elves that lead the Aereni religion. Looking for answers, Calzara is shocked when the Court describes her as an abomination and tells her it was a mistake that she was spared from death. Meanwhile, the party meets Caribe Stielo, a competitor for Columbian’s soarwood and Stazo learns that he has lost the contract to his rival. After Calzara returns, the party is invited to take part in an ancient ritual: the hunting of the island’s deadly Beasts. But before the ritual can reach fruition, the group is ambushed by a ravenous horde of the undead, led by a necromancer who may hold the answer of Calzara’s murder.


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