5.5. Stazo's Excellent Adventure

Once they were out of sight of the party, Stielo performed a ritual using his dragonmark of Passage to teleport Stazo, the Halfling, their mount and himself to a distant location. From there, Stielo led the group west along a road leading into the former Cyre. He explained that his threat against Stazo’s family was merely a bluff to secure Stazo’s aid and he subsequently led them to a vantage point along the main highway. From there, they saw a company of goblins and hobgoblins marching into the Mournland, readied for war. Through subterfuge, the Halfling was able to secure intelligence from the group revealing that they were moving to secure a rediscovered Creation Forge, one of the controversial machines used to create the Warforged. Both Stielo and Stazo knew the dangers inherent in a hostile power having control of a forge and Stielo delineated a plan by which the forge could be reclaimed and deactivated. Stielo was conscripting the party’s skills to find and extract the forge and Stazo accepted on behalf of the party, though he knew he’d have his hands full trying to get his companions to agree to the task. Their bargain struck, the group traveled back east and Stazo was dropped off at a crossroads near the Gatherhold where he could rejoin his companions and they could prepare to enter the Mourning.



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